The Summer 36-hole Short Hole Golf Course is now open for play.

Welcome to Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club

The Club is the last remaining still playing over the 36-hole short hole golf course on historic Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh. [ see Map ]  ***
While it is likely that the Club dates from the beginning of the short hole golf course in 1890, the Club’s first minute book is unfortunately missing.  There is however reference in the earliest minute book to the membership being 154 in 1895.
Membership is open to anyone aged 14 years or over and new members are always most welcome.   see more ]
The Club holds regular evening competitions for its members from 6.00p.m. each week during the summer season, late April until September.  Handicaps up to 36 are allocated to members.

Play on the course is FREE, no green fees!      There is no booking system, just walk up and play in turn.
Players provide their own golf clubs and ball (short iron/wedge & putter).

               2023 Open Championship – The Inches Trophy’ – Results: Final 

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               Support from America:
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PARKING:  NB currently no restrictions on Wright’s Houses and Whitehouse Loan after 5.30p.m. Mon – Fri and all day Sat & Sun.